Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Number 4 - Solve a Rubiks Cube

In November 2009 I posted this video on YouTube:

Yes that is me, solving a Rubiks Cube, blindfolded; and if you believe its genuine, you need to take a long hard look at yourself!

Contrary to what that video suggests, up until the last week I had never ever solved one of these pain in the arse puzzles (guesses in the comment section on how I actually did the video above!). So as I am out of action for a while (See Number 1 - Ride in an Ambulance) I decided it was time to give it a go...

Ok, ok, so this wasn't my first go - it actually took me 4 days randomly playing with the Rubiks Cube and learning the different algorithms from http://www.rubiks.com/ but I got there in the end.

There is definitely something fantastical wonderful about genuinely solving one of these puzzles by yourself. For the next couple of weeks I feel supremely confident I could complete any 3x3 Rubik's Cube handed to me.

I'm sure I'll forget the algorithms soon so don't expect me to be able to complete one at the drop of a hat!

So here's my advice on solving a Rubik's Cube
  1. You will not solve it by yourself. Honestly. Give up now, and go online to find a how to guide.
  2. Be prepared for many hours of frustration. I frequently got to the final two stages of the guide and messed up, which meant starting again, which may or may not have resulted in me throwing the Rubik's Cube across the room.
  3. Completing the Rubik's Cube with the guide is only stage 1 of completion. Now you have to learn how to complete it without using the guide at all, which means lots and LOTS of trial and error.
  4. Put the cube down. I lost count of the amount of times I became unbelievably frustrated with the Rubik's Cube and it only made matters worse. Sometimes you have to put it down, and come back to it to succeed.
I'd give the experience of solving a Rubik's cube a 9 out of 10. It was extremely frustrating, but it did fill the excess of spare time I have found myself with recently. When you slide that final piece into place - god it feels so good, and your mates look pretty impressed too!

Days to go: 345
Things completed: 4

 Next up, the Ouija Board

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Number 1 - Ride in an Ambulance

Disclaimer: Just to make this clear I obviously never intended a "Ride in an Ambulance" to be part of my 30 before 30, so I have not been wasting the emergency services valuable time.

So lets begin...

On the 11th April 2013, yes my birthday, MY BLOODY BIRTHDAY, I suffered an injury whilst playing soccer, which resulted in this:

Yes, this is me in an ambulance, on my way to a medical centre to have my knee looked at. The reason I don't look in any pain is due to the incredibly fantastic mind spinning drugs that I was given shortly before I took this picture!

So here's what I learnt about riding in an ambulance:

  1. 45 minutes, facing the wrong direction, whilst strapped into a stretcher does tend to make you feel a bit queasy.
  2. The suspension in those things isn't great, you feel every bump, crack and stone in the road.
  3. If your stretcher is not inserted into the ambulance properly, it will not have been locked into position. This means that when the driver accelerates or brakes, the stretcher tends to roll around.
  4. If number 3 occurs, it is important to tell the driver immediately, as 45 minutes of slamming into the rear doors with your injured leg is not a wise idea!
  5. Pain killers are awesome.
So, I'd give the whole experience about a 1 of of 10, mainly because I would have much rather not incurred the injury resulting in said ambulance ride. 

Days to go: 348
Things completed: 3

For those that are wondering, I have suffered a fully ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament and a torn Medial Collateral Ligament, which looks something like this:

Although if you understand that image you are cleverer than I! But it basically means I'm left with a leg brace Al La Forrest Gump:

The result - 6 weeks of physio then an operation, followed by 6 months recovery period. But do not fear, I only have 27 more experiences to do and plenty of time to do them!

Next up, the Rubik's Cube

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Number 2 - Cross Dressing

Although this will surprise a number of my friends, I have NEVER EVER crossed dressed. As camp as I may be at times, I've just never got around to doing it. This is something my wife was rather pleased about, until last weekend that is!

So during my 29th Birthday celebrations (a Pyjama Party by the way) I pretty much went for it, crutches and all....

I think we can all agree I make a rather fetching 'lady'! I do have this to say about cross dressing though; the breeze down below maybe refreshing, but I'm not really sure make up is for me.....

So here's what some of the lucky few who witnessed my lady-beauty in the flesh had to say....

"if you sleep in this on a regular basis, I'm worried" - Ondrej

"A classic feminine beauty, guaranteed to turn heads and stomachs" - Martin

"Madam Mark, purveyor of eye wrenching attractiveness, and blood curdling beauty!" - DJ

So the new experience of crossing dressing is complete. I'd give it a 7 out of 10 - fun, but embarrassing (god bless alcohol). Saying that, I'd do it again!

Days to go: 355
Things completed: 2/30

And for those still reading, here's a special treat!!!

Not my proudest moments!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

It Begins!

So, this is me...
My name is Mark Turner and on the 11th April 2013 I turned 29.  Yes, I am now officially in my late twenties. OK so maybe I've been in my late twenties for a while now but lets not spoil this moment for me!

At the time of writing, I have exactly 358 days until I turn the dreaded 30. The big three zero. That's three actual whole decades I would have been on this planet.

God I feel old! So old in fact, that I have now begun to grow concerned about the lack of actual achievements I have completed in my life. If the average life span of a white male is 70-78 years old, in 358 days I will be approximately 40% through my life and what have I really achieved?! Sure I found a gorgeous woman stupid enough to marry me (love you honey!), I've thrown myself out of an aeroplane and swam with dolphins, but lets be honest, everybody does these things!

I want to do something different, and I want to make sure I don't miss out on some key experiences in life. This is why I have decided to complete thirty things I have never done before I reach the ripe old age of 30. I have not completed the list yet (I do have a number of things in mind) but I would be more than happy to listen to your ideas!

I will be posting updates with photos and videos regularly on this blog, so please check back and see how I'm getting on.

Speaking of which, I have already completed number 3) Start an Internet Blog, and so far I'm rather enjoying the experience! Why is that number 3 you ask. Well I'll get to that in my next post!